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I have Opted-Out, now I want to Opt-In?

Click on Opt-In. Please note that the email content in your current email account will not be moved automatically. You will have to manually move your email content after your Google Apps at York account has been created.

Will all my existing email content be moved?

Yes, if you had signed up by April 17, 2015. All email from your existing @yorku.ca account will be moved to your new Google Apps at York account. Your current @yorku.ca account will be available for 30 days after the move to allow you to confirm that you have experienced a full and complete move […]

How do I manually migrate Mymail content to Google Apps at York account?

Click on instructions on how to manually migrate Mymail content to Google Apps at York. Please note that the manual migration only moves email contents in the main INBOX. To move content on other folders such as Sent folder, you must first move the content into the Inbox folder, then migrate.

What will happen to my @yorku.ca email address?

Your email address will change. Students will need to start using their new Google Apps at York email address that is in the form of "username@my.yorku.ca". To allow time for that change, email sent to their existing @yorku.ca address will be automatically forwarded to their new Google Apps at York address until May 1, 2016. […]

I already have a Gmail account. Why do I need another one?

The Google Apps at York service has a number of benefits either unavailable, or only at an additional cost, to those that are using personal gmail accounts. These include no advertisements, and unlimited storage for email and documents. Also, your @my.yorku.ca or @mail.yorku.ca account is your University student email account through which the University will […]

Why Google Apps?

A 2011 student survey about information technology revealed that students wanted a more flexible, mobile service, with additional options than what was offered by the York-supported MyMail e-mail service. In selecting Google, a pan-University committee examined and evaluated alternative service providers and conducted several consultations with students. Google's services emerged as the best fit to […]