Getting Started


Upgrade to Google Apps at York

Let's get started! Now that you have moved to Google Apps at York, your old mail will be moved from the York U central mail service to Google Apps at York on May 4, 2015.

Here are some tasks to get you started on Day 1 of your move date. Check out Your First Days when you complete these activities.

Prepare for York U Google Apps

Get Chrome

Google Apps is best experienced in the Google Chrome browser. While other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox will work, you may experience difficulties with some Google Apps features. Google recommends using Google Chrome when using Google Apps.

If you do not see Google Chrome in your "Start" menu or on your desktop, download and install Google Chrome now.

Verify Your Mail

Browse to your new Email

Go to or copy and paste the link into your browser. If prompted, enter your Passport York username and password.

Verify your mail has migrated

Ensure your have mail in your Inbox. You should see all your mail that was previously in your Inbox in York U Central mail, including your "sent" mail.

Mail that will NOT be migrated:

  • Any messages in Trash and Spam
  • Any messages over 25MB
  • Messages with attachments containing program files (e.g. *.exe files)
  • Attachments associated with Calendar invites
  • Folders with names greater than 255 characters

Tip: If your migration date has passed and you do not see your mail or feel you are missing some mail, check your account, identify the missing items and contact UIT Client Services at

Verify your Labels

Your folders in York U Central mail will be converted into Labels in Google Apps. Verify your folders are now represented as labels.

Note: Any empty folders will not be migrated.

Start a Chat

Chat with a friend

Gmail comes with built in Chat capabilities. Initiate a chat with a friend or peer and let them know you've gone Google!

How to invite someone to chat

Set up Calendar

Setup your calendar preferences

Click the Calendar link at the top of your Gmail to launch Google Calendar.

Next, configure the following setting by clicking the Gear icon at the top right corner of your Calendar

  • Language
  • Your Current Time Zone
  • Date Format
  • Default View
  • Automatically Add Invitations

Schedule an Event

Test your new calendar by scheduling an event and inviting a peer or friend.

Try Mobile

Set up your Mobile Device

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device, you can now easily get access to your email, calendar, contacts by following steps in Mobile Setup.

Learn on Your Own

Complete the Google Apps Learning Videos

Now that you are all setup, be sure to complete your learning videos if you haven't already done so.

Learning Resources