Google Access Token

Using Google Apps at York on Mobile Devices

Google Apps at York uses your Passport York username and password for access in most cases, however there remain some mobile apps and desktop email clients that require a separate password. We call this your Google Access Token.

What Applications Need a Google Access Token?

  • Desktop email and calendar clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail
  • Certain Mobile Apps that do not ask for your Passport York login when you set them up
  • Third party instant messaging clients

How do I get a Google Access Token?

When you are ready to set up your app, and at a location where the screen will not be viewed by others, click on the button below and a 15-character password will be generated and displayed for you; this is your Google access token. You will then need to set up your apps to use it. Use your Passport York username and the generated Google Access Token as your password.

Remember, this does not affect your Passport York password, continue to use that for all Passport York logins.

Click here to request a Google Access Token