IMAP Mail Set Up

Set up instructions for email client software: Thunderbird/Mac Mail/Windows Live/etc

Step 1: Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings
1. Log on to your via
2. Open your Gmail Settings from the Gear Menu in the top right hand-side
3. Then go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab to enable IMAP
4. Select Enable IMAP
6. Click Save Changes

Step 2: Generate Google Access Token
1. Go to
2. Generate the token by clicking on 'Click here to request a Google Access Token'
3. If you are not already logged on, the system will prompt you to enter your Passport York credentials
4. A 15-character password will be generated (Google Access Token)
5. Note the Token somewhere for later use

Step 3.A: Setting up via Thunderbird/Mac Mail/etc
1. In the Mail App Menu - Go to Tools/Accounts> Add account
2. Enter your full YorkU email address ( and Google Token as password
3. Manually configure the following:
Incoming IMAP:
Server host name:
Port: 993
SSL: Enable SSL use (You will need SSL if you are using Windows Live mail reader or if you encounter folder download issue)
Authentication: Select Normal Password

host name:
Port: 465
Authentication: Select Normal Password

4. Username: should be your full YorkU email address (
5. Confirm that the connection settings are the same as those shown above and click Done

Step 3.B: Setting up via Outlook
1. Start Outlook
2. Sign into your Gmail account using your browser at
3. If you use 2 step verification, go to your security settings and generate a new App Password. Copy that password
4. If you don't use 2 step verification, skip (3) and go here and enable access for "less secure" apps:
5. Then go here: and click Continue
6. Then immediately - go back to Outlook and set up your account again, letting Outlook do it automatically using the Setup Wizard
7. If you use 2 step verification, give Outlook your username and paste the App Password you copied earlier into the Password box
8. If you don't use 2 step verification just give Outlook your username and your normal account password
9. Then let Outlook get on with it and set up your account for automatically
10. Leave all Outlook's settings at their defaults until you know whether you have been successful